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Fortnite Boom Bow With Balloons Is the New Meta

Ever since it arrived in the Fortnite v8.20 update on April 2, the Boom Bow has been rocking the games meta, the strategy that most players adopt as the most effective way to win.

The Boom Bow is already a formidable weapon in its own right. If you connect a shot, an enemy player not only takes the general impact damage of the projectile but also explosion damage, and headshots double the damage. If a player draws the bow to its maximum strength over a coupleof seconds, its usually enough to one-shot kill any player, and the fact that it uses shotgun shell ammo means you should be able to get at least a few shotsper game if you find one.

Heres YouTuber Muselk taking it upon himself to win a game of Fortnite using only a Boom Bow.

Now it seems like Reddit user imcharliedwhas discovered a fancy new way of securing a win late in a match of Fortnite. As the playable area begins to shrink thanks to the storm, imcharliedw managed to inflate the maximum three balloons (which understandable let players float through the sky) and rain fiery death down upon their enemies while comfortably hundreds of feet in the air. Theyve clearly got enough time to charge up each shot, and playing on PC allows them to be much more accurate. Looks like the only thing they had to worry about was other players getting some significant airtime alongside them.

Was trolling because I was shambles but actually found the new meta from FortniteCompetitive

Balloons have been a pretty popular method of late-game avoidance ever since they were launched back in a 6.0 update, but having an explosive device you can reliably fire from hundreds of feet up in the air may make things play out very differently. The only major things youll have to worry about are other players popping your balloons and perhaps sniping you out of the air.

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