Trevor Noah pans ‘professional tickle monster’ Joe Biden’s 2020 campaign

Late-night hosts discussed the former vice-presidents presidential bid and Trumps angry response to it

Late-night hosts discussed Joe Bidens presidential campaign and the coup attempt in Venezuela.

Trevor Noah

The Daily Show (@TheDailyShow)

Biden could take a page out of Trumps book: instead of letting a verbal miscue trip him up, just create a new reality and plow right through! pic.twitter.com/B0nLXw1hpA

May 1, 2019

Trevor Noah focused entirely on former vice-president and professional tickle monster Joe Biden and his entry into the presidential race, particularly his Pittsburgh rally, on The Daily Show.

Flanked by union workers, Biden hoped to unify the country. When Biden began discussing unification, Noah pointed out the oddity it has become. Thats where America had gotten to. Candidates have to promise that if they get the job, theyll be the president of the whole country, Noah said. Thanks to Trump, thats not a forgone conclusion any more.

Mocking Trump with an impersonation of his own, Noah said: He got into the White House and was like: California, suck a fat dick! New York, same to you! All the people who voted for Hillary, suck my balls! Wisconsin, see you Friday! Florida, every Friday, baby, yeah! pairing it with obscene gestures with his hands.

However, Noah observed that Biden had trouble with his speech, often misspeaking and jumbling his words. Threading together all of the clips of when this occurred, the host commented: Its one thing to mess up in the middle of a sentence. Its another thing to stumble when youre trying to rally the tramps I mean the troops! He also mentioned that Trump has already attacked on Bidens age, calling him Sleepy Joe in tweets, further emphasizing the point that Biden cannot afford to slip up.

Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert spent time ridiculing Joe Biden. Biden seems to be running ahead of all his rivals in most polling, with his second-place competitor, Bernie Sanders, almost 20 points behind. Colbert joked: Looks like the Democrats arent feeling the Bern so much as they are jonesing for Joe. Or vibing the Bide. Or weeping for the former VP-ing.

But Bidens rise does not come without consequence: Trump unleashed a barrage of tweets against him, for which the late-night host again leaned into his Trump impersonation. Colbert said criticizing Biden may not be the smartest move, as it puts him and other attacked candidates ahead of the curve or, in the words of one article, gives them oxygen. Colbert continued: At their ages, both Trump and Biden need all the oxygen they can get.

Despite Bidens savvy in the race right now, Colbert expressed surprise at one of his moves: the refusal to seek an endorsement from former president Barack Obama. However, Biden has a newly released ad featuring Obama heavily. Joe Biden could not get any closer to Barack Obama if he was a pair of dad jeans, said Colbert.

Seth Meyers

Running through international and more localized news, Seth Meyers monologue was filled with snappy one-liners regarding the wide range of featured current events. Beginning with the uprising in Venezuela, Meyers showed a tweet from the current vice-president, Mike Pence, in support of the uprising.

The host joked that while Pence tweeted this out, Trump most likely had to Google the location of the country. Meyers also poked fun at Democratic leaders Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer for saying they reached an agreement with Trump over infrastructure. Thats right, they have an agreement with Trump, just like his contractors, the students at Trump University and his first two wives.

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