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WATCH: Fan Takes the Mic from Michael Bubl10 Seconds Later, Jaws Hit. The. Floor.

Only a few days before the Oscars, a superfan at a Michael Bublé concert had a made-for-TV moment right out of “American Idol.”

While chatting with fans during his Madison Square Garden performance, Bublé asked 21-year-old Erin Bellucci to sing her favorite song.

Shaking with excitement and nerves, Erin took the microphone from Bublé. With all eyes and cameras on her, the music major at the University of Delaware proceeded to BLOW the crowd away with her soulful rendition of “At Last.”

“I was stammering, but then I heard the music,” said Erin. “I’ve sung that song so many times, they had the piano ready to go, and I knew I had about 30 seconds to sell myself.”

Let’s just say this vocal powerhouse did not disappoint. The crowd-pleaser left the audience and Bublé in awe.

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“That was so beautiful,” said Bublé when he got the mic back in hand. “That may not be your last time here. That was incredible.”

Thankfully, Erin’s sister Allison Bellucci caught the once-in-a-lifetime moment on camera. Check it out below!


This is Erin Bellucci.

Posted by Allison Bellucci on Wednesday, February 20, 2019

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