My Girlfriend Turns Our Life With 3 Cats And A Dog Into Humorous Illustrations (20 Pics)

Corina started with Tales from the Litter Box as a little personal project about a year ago and it has become a weekly routine for her and an experiment for everyone willing to watch (even for the cats, whose active participation at messing inks has been recorded). 

She promised it would be something to release her hand and brain from her daily projects as an illustrator, away from the tablet, computer, specs… But after a while she was so thorough she homogenized the format and even designed several functional fonts for it (freak control? NEVER! *See, honey? I can be trained, just like our tribe of monsters*). You will hear her laughing out loud quite often while thinking of jokes and painting, so it’s very cute. Add a cat on her lap or blocking her work at the table with the weird dog at her feet, and the result will be unbeatably adorable. Even if they spoil an ink or two. Or ten…

She has painted +200 inks already and this is a little tribute to her terrific work converting our journey with our furry family into charming and brilliant vignettes (and even commissioned books). Please, convince her to give her inky cats even more attention. Her fans are all eager to see this getting out of control but somehow she’s happy with her compounded audience.

I know you’ll enjoy Tales from the Litter Box by Corina Alvarez Loeblich as much as I do!





















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