50 Photos That Show Just How Insanely Cold It Is In America Right Now

Extreme weather events are becoming more and more common, with records shattered down under during Australia’s recent heatwave, and now, at the opposite end of the spectrum, the ‘polar vortex’ bearing down on Midwestern U.S.

The polar vortex is a band of strong winds, high up in the atmosphere that keeps bitterly cold air locked around the Arctic region. Sometimes, like this year, it can drift further south than usual and envelop highly populated areas of North America. Chigaco has been particularly hard hit, with its notoriously windy location on Lake Michigan bringing wind-chill temperatures down to record-breaking lows.

With much of the Midwest on lockdown and people urged to stay indoors, some people have been braving the plunging temperatures to take incredible images of the effects that the vortex is having on their daily lives. From exploding toilets to icy hairstyles, this list compiled by Bored Panda will give you chills just from looking at it!

#1 How Cold Is It In The Midwest? Bubbles Are Freezing

#2 My Brother Was On One Of The Few Flights Into Chicago This Morning. He Took This Photo Of Frozen Lake Michigan From The Plane

#3 Meanwhile In Minnesota. The Tank Exploded

#4 After Two Days Of Freezing Rain, This Mold Came Out

#5 Lunch In Chicago Today. I Like Mine Al Dente

#6 My Sister Opened Her Car Door In Chicago

#7 Trying To Make The Most Of This -40 F Weather

#8 A Firefighter After Working In The -40° Polar Vortex

#9 “Is Iowa Really That Cold?”

#10 My God. We’ve Reached The Day After Tomorrow

#11 It’s So Cold In Chicago They Set Commuter Train Tracks On Fire To Warm Them

#12 Current Level Of Snow In Madison: One Whole Mingo

#13 Pray For The Homeless During This Time! Give To Your Local Shelters. Most Are At Full Capacity

#14 Meanwhile In Wisconsin

#15 It’s So Cold In Iowa That We Froze Antifreeze

#16 What Happens When You Blow Bubbles In A Freezing Weather

#17 Eye Lashes On Fleek! Is That A Thing? Is This The New Winter Running Fashion Statement?

#18 Freezing Our Pants Off In Minnesota

#19 When These Are The Inside Doors… You Know We Are Polar Vortexing

#20 Landlord Decided To Turn Down The Heat Today In My MN Apartment As It Reached -40°

The idiot must have forgotten he pays my electric and doesn’t realize that I value my comfort over safety or energy conservation.

#21 Going To Daycare When It’s -30 Outside

#22 Cadillac Michigan The Light Poles Are Shivering. Science Mannn

#23 Frozen Chicken Eggs

#24 We Had A House Fire South Of Cameron Today. Our Chief Mitch Hansen Thought It Was A Splash Park

#25 You Know It’s Cold When The Toilet Paper Is Frozen In The Outhouse

#26 The Detroit River, Frozen All The Way To Canada

#27 House Is Freezing From The Inside During The Coldest Day In A Decade

#28 Letting My Car Heat Up During The Polar Vortex

#29 Minnesota’s Officers

#30 Got So Cold Last Night That Our Vodka Froze! For Reference The Freezing Point For Vodka Is -16

#31 The Beauty The Cold Brings To South Dakota

#32 A Sheet Of Ice Formed Between The Glass Panes Of This Door

#33 One Cold Rowdy Dog On The Bulkhead. Still Looking For Leftover Canteen Snacks

#34 This Door At Work In Minnesota

#35 Polar Vortex Lesson: Don’t Try To Hang Dry Your Clothes Outside

#36 Polar Vortex (Temp. 16 F /-9 C)

#37 This Flash-Frozen Fire Hydrant

#38 I Just Wanted To See How Long It Would Take For An Egg To Freeze Outside And Also What Would Become Of My Egg

#39 My Neighbor’s Furnace Exhaust Is Creating An Interesting Icicle

#40 Ice Is Freezing As Soon As It Comes Out Of Our Faucet Because It’s So Cold

#41 My Parents Sent Me This Pic Of Our Peephole (From The Indoor Side)

#42 Cold Spell

Yes, that is ice on the inside of our house. It’s not the first time that ice has formed around our door. We’ve talked to our landlord and hope to get a new door and door frame in spring when we don’t have to worry about getting frostbite about people outside for five minutes. It would really help with our utility bill as well.

#43 This Is My Buddy Jesse At The Arrowhead 135 In Mn Yesterday. Day Time Temp Was -26 °F

#44 It Was So Cold In Chicago That The Paint Came Off My Car

#45 “No, Believe Me, ‘Tis Very Cold; The Wind Is Northerly”

#46 In A Matter Of 2 Minutes Walking Across Campus, My Glasses Started To Frost/Ice Over

Everyone’s been talking about how cold Chicago is right now. The upper Midwest (I’m talking Fargo area) had windchills up to -60 below zero, ten degrees colder than Chicago. In a matter of 2 minutes walking across campus, my glasses started to frost/ice over.

#47 So My Soap Is Frozen In My Shower

#48 My Wall Is Freezing In My Bedroom. There Are No Pipes Behind It. Chicago

#49 It’s So Cold Here In Iowa That There Is Now Frost On The Inside Of My Door Hinges

#50 My Beard Froze While Waiting Bus. I Wish It Would Be Summer Already

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