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Ocean Ramsey Goes Freediving With Worlds Largest Known Great White

On January 15, 2019, marine biologist and conservationist Ocean Ramsey and her team took their dive boat to monitor tiger sharks feeding off a dead and decomposing sperm whale that the NOAA had towed 15 miles offshore from Sand Island near Oahu, Hawaii where it had lain against the shoreline.

According to the Star Advertiser, that’s when Deep Blue showed up to feed and everyone else split. Deep Blue is believed to be the largest known great white shark and appeared to be pregnant. Ramsey says Deep Blue is roughly 20 ft long and 8 ft tall.

The sight of a great white is rare in Hawaii due to the warm waters and rarer still for such a large specimen to show up. Ramsey guesses that the shark’s increased appetite on account of her pregnancy may have explained why it was in uncommon waters.

For more, check out the full article on the Star Advertiser.

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