Man Whose Fridge Flew Out Of His Car Blames Employee For Poor Loading, Forgets They Took Pics

The customer is always right, except for when they are oh so wrong. A former Sears employee took to Reddit to share their experience with a nightmare customer who had a very ridiculous request. If you have ever worked in customer service of any kind you know that it is your duty to try and appease the customer in any way you can – however when it gets in the way of your expertise things can go off the rails quickly.

Image credits: Mike Kalasnik (not the actual photo)

User lazespud2 was given the task of securing a fridge to the pick-up truck of one of their customers. As someone who had been trained to do such a task they knew that it would require some of their approved nylon twine to hold it down, but the customer had a different idea. Scroll down below to see how things literally flew off the handle and how this impressive employee made sure they reminded their boss that we can’t always give the people what they want.

People were impressed with the employee for the way they handled the situation

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