42 People Having A Worse Christmas Day Than You

Christmas is only merry until you sink your teeth into a soap lobster thinking it’s chocolate. Or until you shatter your glass table and your entire dinner ends up on the floor. The beauty of the internet, however, is that no matter what happens to you, no matter how crappy your holidays feel, you can always browse it to find someone who’s having it worse. Bored Panda has compiled a list of photos of people who probably wish to forget their Christmas (or at least parts of it), and they will make yours look 10/10.

#1 Thanks, Aunt!

#2 Merry Christmas

#3 Well, There Goes Christmas Lunch

#4 My Parents Made My Wife A Stocking For Christmas

#5 Those Crazy Kids Messing With The Neighbor’s Merry Christmas Decoration

#6 Christmas Dinner Is Ruined

#7 Starting Christmas On The Wrong Foot

#8 The Holiday Season Means Bottomless Egg Nog

#9 I Was Putting Up Christmas Lights On My Roof A While Back When This Happened…

#10 Neighbor Just Tried To Throw His Christmas Tree From The Balcony. Not Sure Where It Should’ve Landed Ideally

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