35 Thought-Provoking Illustrations That I Created Over The Past Couple Of Years

In 2010 I made a five-month trip from Sydney to Beijing. During my travels, I met so many great artists and designers that I knew that as soon as I returned home to Germany illustration would be my new path.

I worked on watercolor drawings and portraits, but something was missing and it would take me months to find my personal style. I was looking for a fast and bold way to bring the images and thoughts out of my head.

So I started a series of illustrations called “Mindshots” inspired by my daily life. The title was born from the ideas that often pop out while working, talking, watching a movie, hanging out with friends or while being bored in the doctor’s waiting room. Some are socially critical, while others are just plain ridiculous.

My very first Mindshot creation was a bird wearing an oxygen mask. I had this image in my mind for months after visiting these huge cities with intense smog on my trip. After a few years, dozens of illustrations and positive feedback on my Instagram, I decided to make a book that included my 50 best Mindshots.

Last year I visited a book fair in Frankfurt with a rough draft of the book in my bag and now I am happy to say it is available on Amazon. Hope you enjoy!

#1 Love: On – Brain: Off

#2 Let’s Leave

#3 Can’t Say No

#4 Freedom Of The Press

#5 Pessimism

#6 Stock Market Manipulation

#7 R.I.P.

#8 Exploitation

#9 Self-Isolation

#10 Overtime

#11 Exploitation Of Labour

#12 Always Online

#13 Empty Words

#14 Collective Guilt

#15 Just Killing Some Time

#16 New Current

#17 Lemmings

#18 “You Are Fired!”

#19 Politicians

#20 Cyber Mobbing

#21 Missing

#22 Chill-Out Music

#23 Free Your Mind

#24 Burnout

#25 Steps To Success

#26 Begging For Likes

#27 Always On The Hunt

#28 Exploitation

#29 Alcoholism

#30 “Some Men Just Want To Watch The World Burn”

#31 Peace Is A Balancing Act

#32 Post With Care

#33 Hard Earned Money

#34 Sharp Mind

#35 Exploitation

Read more: http://www.boredpanda.com/illustrations-of-personal-thoughts-mindshots-sergio-ingravalle/

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