Eric Trump Gets Humiliatingly Fact-Checked By Fox News Podcast Over Economy Lie

Eric Trump lied in comparing the Trump White House’s economic accomplishments with the Obama administration’s on a Fox News podcast, and was humiliatingly called out for it.

President Donald Trump’s son challenged “The Fox News Rundown” host Dave Anthony to “name a quantifiable measure right now that we have in our society that’s not better off than it was 20 months ago” in audio shared online Thursday.

“We’ve got the fastest-growing economy in the history of our country,” Trump boasted, before listing what he said were the economic successes of his father’s administration. (Trump also repeated his anti-Semitic “shekels” slur about veteran journalist Bob Woodward’s book, Fear: Trump in the White House.)

Anthony agreed “consumer confidence” was soaring, but took Trump to task over his “fastest-growing economy” brag.

“However, when you say it’s the fastest-growing economy we’ve ever had, that isn’t really the case, because economic growth of the low-4 percents is what we just have had in the last quarter and there’s hope that that would continue,” said Anthony.

“But you have to be fair, even during the Obama administration, while he did have some very low growth in quarters, there were times that he got over 5 percent in economic growth and over 4 percent more than once,” he added.

Trump said he doubted Anthony’s facts and said he’d “go back and check” the claim “very carefully” — which the podcast later did with data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis to prove that Trump was indeed wrong.

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