Mother of Dallas man killed by officer in own home disgusted at ‘smear’ effort

Report of marijuana found in victims apartment is police attempt to assassinate Botham Jeans character, attorney says

The mother of a man killed in his own apartment by a Dallas police officer has expressed disgust that reports have surfaced indicating that investigators found a small amount of marijuana in her sons home.

Allison Jean, the mother of 26-year-old Botham Jean, said on Friday that her sons name was smeared by reports that police found 10.4 grams of marijuana in his apartment.

She also says she wants to see the toxicology report for off-duty officer Amber Guyger, who said she mistook Botham Jeans apartment for her own and shot him when he did not obey her verbal commands.

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A family attorney, Lee Merritt, said a police search warrant request that asked permission to search Jeans apartment for drugs showed that investigators were looking for information that would assassinate Botham Jeans character. Attorneys for Jeans family demanded that the officer be fired at a news conference on Friday.

The Dallas police Officer Amber Guyger is booked after turning herself in on Sunday. Photograph: AP

A police affidavit shows that among other items, officers seized 10.4 grams of marijuana and a marijuana grinder from Jeans apartment.

Guyger has been arrested for manslaughter and is out on bond.

Earlier, authorities released a video showing Guyger being booked into jail after she was arrested.

The video shows Guyger in handcuffs and dressed in an orange jail uniform on Sunday at the Kaufman county jail. She takes a seat in front of a desk and later leans her head down, bringing her hands to her face.

Read more: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2018/sep/14/botham-jean-death-police-officer-mother-condemns-smear-effort

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