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How To Separate Good Internet Outrage From The Evil Kind

You need to arm yourself against weaponized old tweets. Not your own tweets, hopefully (though who knows). We’re talking about how every time you open social media, someone’s outrageous words are being used against them. Maybe the frequency of that scares you; after all, every one of us is lucky certain things we’ve said weren’t timestamped for eternity. Or maybe that pile of outrage excites you; justice relies on evidence, so maybe the more evidence there is the better the world will get. But take a look past all these maybes and semicolons (we know we used a lot; we feel fancy today, deal with it). Look at what’s actually going on with Internet outrage right now. Is all that handwringing the same across the board? Or is some of it intended to ruin lives just to win a political game?

On this week’s episode of The Cracked Podcast, Alex Schmidt is joined by Amy Nicholson (Unspooled) and Andrew Ti (Yo, Is This Racist?) for an always-timely look at how you can tell worthwhile online activism apart from digital harassment. They’ll examine recent cases from James Gunn to Sarah Jeong to Roseanne Barr. They’ll lay out basic rules of thumb to help you handle the next hashtag that comes along. And they’ll find a fuller answer to all this than Twitter users usually can, thanks to the magic of being human toward each other in more than 280 characters.


Unspooled (Earwolf)

Yo, Is This Racist? (Earwolf)

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tar and feather scene from John Adams (HBO)

The Reign Of Terror (Wikipedia)

Whataboutery and whataboutism – what’s it all about? (Oxford Dictionaries)

How YouTube and Internet Journalism Destroyed Tom Cruise, Our Last Real Movie Star (LA Weekly)

8 Famous Political Scandals You Won’t Believe Are Total Lies (Cracked)

Sarah Jeong statement on Twitter

Sarah Jeong And The Question Of “Context” (The New Yorker)

Andrew Sullivan Can Fuck Right Off (Splinter)

Director James Gunn Apologizes for ‘Offensive’ Old Tweets Joking About Rape, Pedophilia (The Wrap)

Mike Cernovich, Who Got James Gunn Fired Over Rape Tweets, Has History of Rape Tweets (The Wrap)

Guardians of the Galaxy cast pledges support for James Gunn (Polygon)

Disney Stands Firm on James Gunn Not Returning to ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ (Variety)

FACT CHECK: Pizzagate (Snopes.com)

Ted Cruz dumb tweet and double-down

Ted Cruz Defends Roy Moore And Criticizes Al Franken In The Same Breath (Huffington Post)

Wendy Molyneux thread on Gunn/Cernovich

Dan Harmon deletes Twitter account, apologizes for resurfaced comedy sketch (Consequence Of Sound)

Michael Ian Black thread on Cernovich

Anthony Jeselnik twitter response

Roseanne Revival Joke Blasted as ‘Belittling’ to Diverse Shows (ScreenRant)

“The New Roseanne Takes Place in Another Dimension, Seriously” by JM McNab (Cracked)

Disney Should Know the Difference Between James Gunn and Roseanne (Vulture)

The Conservative War on Comedy Is Full of Shit (Vice)

The Value Of Public Shaming (Deadspin)

Giving A Guy Who Was Racist Online A Standing Ovation To Own The Libs (Deadspin)

Racism Has Long Surrounded Baseball In Boston (Newsweek)

Disneyland Resort reaches a tentative contract settlement with workers, ending a heated battle that lasted months (LA Times)

In Her Shoes: Finding Feminism, Cynicism, And Geena Davis At A Walmart Soda Counter In Arkansas (MTV News)

The Time Coca-Cola Got White Elites In Atlanta To Honor Martin Luther King, Jr. (NPR Code Switch)

When Arizona lost the Super Bowl because the state didn’t recognize Martin Luther King Jr. Day (The Undefeated)

The Assault on Minority Voting Rights Is Loud and Proud in Georgia (Esquire)

Bari Weiss calling Mark Duplass apology a “struggle session”

Bari Weiss calling Lena Dunham apology a “struggle session”

Wikipedia article for “struggle session” (a form of public humiliation and torture in Maoist China)

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