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When You Take Your 360 Camera and Some Steel Wool Out for the Night

Photograph by Rod Evans
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Photographer Rod Evans took this 20 second long exposure with some steel wool (lit) and a 360 camera. He then took the raw image and gave it the ‘tiny planet’ effect. On reddit, where Evans shared the photo, he adds:

The camera I have is the Insta360 ONE. To do this shot I placed the camera on the ground about 2 metres away from me and set it to a 15 sec countdown timer which gave me time to find my position and have the steel wool burning and spinning by the time the camera shutter released. This is a 20 sec exposure. I took the image and distorted it in ‘Insta360 Studio’ to produce the tiny planet effect.

Read more: https://twistedsifter.com/2018/08/360-tiny-planet-steel-wool-long-exposure-by-rod-evans/

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