10 New Songs You Need To Listen To Right Now Betches

I just want you all to know that I’m writing this article at 3:21am because I have intense insomnia, but hey, at least you’re getting the first look into all the new music that dropped today. We’ve got a solid lineup, with new releases from Chance, a Bryson Tiller/Tory Lanez collab, and of course, Ariana Grande—and those are just from the artists you already follow. Take a peek at what’s hot and follow our ever-growing New Music playlist on Spotify.

“What’s The Hook” by Reeseyem and

Chance The Rapper

This beat feels different than other Chance beats—it’s less brass and horns and more distortions and prominent drums, and I am SO into it. It feels like a grown-up track that might have appeared on 10 Day, if 10 Day had come out in 2018. If you remember 10 Day and not because you Googled it just nowI will give you a special prize in the comments. “What’s The Hook” answers its own question with a simple, catchy hook that’s impossible not to feel.

“Maybe 25” by Minke

The video for this song drops today, and I like it a lot. It’s hard to describe. Minke’s voice is understated, but powerful. I think that could actually describe the song itself. With lyrics like, “Swipe left or a right / Working to the bone” and “I could be free tonight / Are you alone,” it’s like, did she write this about my life? I mean, I guess I’m not mad about it.

“Keep In Touch” by Tory Lanez and Bryson Tiller

You thought Tory Lanez and Bryson Tiller would release a song and I wouldn’t be all over it? HA! You don’t know me very well at all. Bryson Tiller’s verse is reminiscent of “High Stakes” (off of True to Self), with fast-paced vocals and percussion. Tory Lanez’s has his signature autotuned vocals. Between the two of them, it is a very solid bop that will have side chicks everywhere ready to demand their man leave his girlfriend.

“Hurting” by AlunaGeorge x SG Lewis

This song is a good one to put on your playlist that you can just zone out to. It’s like, pretty house-y, but it’s got lyrics, so I think that makes it the best of both worlds.

“sweetener” by Ariana Grande

Okay, so this is a super obvious pick that everyone’s talking about. Obviously, the entire Sweetener album is amazing (#GodIsAWoman) but I really like “sweetener” because it’s kind of a low-key club banger. It’s an interesting song. The verses are almost like, show tune-y. But then the hook is exactly what you’d hear playing during the hip-hop portion of every 305 dance class. Ugh, I love Ariana. Don’t tell anybody I said that—it will ruin my street cred.

“Nonchalant” by 6LACK

Before you ask, it’s pronounced “black”. His newest release, “Nonchalant”, is anything but. It’s raw, it’s emotional, even though the production is sparse and the vocals are not as melodic as some of his other songs, toeing the line between singing and rapping. I would advise against pregaming to this song, because you’ll definitely kill the mood. But if you’re, say, on your second consecutive day of sleep deprivation and can barely see which way is up and just need to wallow in your mood for a bit, then go for it.

“Deja Vu (Whethan Remix)” by Post Malone and Justin Bieber

I still haven’t quite figured out how to properly credit remixes on here, but yeah, this is the Whethan remix of “Deja Vu”, the Justin Bieber and Post Malone song. Whethan transforms the song. It’s a lot chiller than the original, and it’s very reminiscent of Flume. If you’re sick of the radio edit already, check out his remix.

“4u” by TYuS

TYuS is yet another entry on the list of “underground R&B singers I name-drop at the bar when I want to sound cool”. I just have to keep my ears to the streets, you know? This song features stripped-down production like a good bit of TYuS’ stuff, but his vocals are in a higher register than normal (or maybe it’s just autotune? If it’s not T-Pain, I can’t tell). But I mean, I like it. It’s sort of a vibe, but it won’t put you too heavy in your feelings. And when I’m running on two and a half hours of sleep and could cry at a Publix commercial, I kinda need that rn. Did I mention I haven’t slept?? And don’t ask me if I’ve tried melatonin—tried it. Doesn’t work.

“Chanel (Go Get It)” by Young Thug feat. Gunna & Lil Baby

Yes god, the lords have blessed us with new Young Thug, just in time for the weekend. This new bop is every bit as catchy and unintelligible as all the Young Thug songs you know and love. Bump this sh*t on repeat before every radio station and club plays it on an endless loop and ruins it.

“Sweet but Psycho” by Ava Max

This song isn’t 100% my style (if you haven’t guessed, I tend not to branch out from R&B, rap, and EDM), but every time I’ve listened to this song, it’s gotten stuck in my head. The lyrics to the hook include, “oh she’s sweet but a psycho” and “oh she’s hot but a psycho,” and it’s like, wow okay I did not come here to be attacked? But again, VERY catchy and very relatable (at least to me, don’t @ me). Your girl group will probs love this one.

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