20+ Brutally Honest Sticky Notes That Sum Up Your Life As An Adult (New Pics)

Life can seem tough at times, even though in reality we have probably never had it better or easier. Charles Hutton, AKA Insta-Chaz, knows this, and he likes nothing better than to poke fun at our petty angst with his brilliantly simple Post-It note cartoons.

“A lot of articles that publish my work point out that I make jokes about ‘the struggles of adulthood’ which I’ve always found a bit insulting, because I’ve just been making observations about my life – I wasn’t aware I was struggling until those bastards pointed it out,” Chaz told Bored Panda with a laugh.

The Australian cartoonist actually began his career as an architect, which comes out sometimes in his cartoons in the funny flowcharts and graphs that he cleverly uses to get his jokes across. His cartoonist career took off after his former collegues encouraged him to put his procrastination doodles up on Instagram. “I do miss architecture a bit, I think I probably miss being involved in serious projects, as fun and rewarding as drawing some funny comics is, designing a building is a bit more impressive and lasting,” he told us. “The flip side of this is how long projects take to come to fruition, and I quite enjoy the relatively quick project turnover that comes with making stupid jokes for a living.”

Now based in Berlin, after stints in London and New York, Chaz has over 100,000 Instagram followers and a book on the shelves. We have featured his previous Post-It cartoons before, as well as these hilarious observations about alcohol, and despite his procrastination habit he is an incredibly prolific artist. “When it comes to work I’m a bit all or nothing,” he explained. “So if I’ve got a deadline for a commision or a book, I tend to work obsessively starting at 6am, work through till the afternoon, go for a walk and that’s when I load up on ideas for the next day, which I’ll email to myself and then start the whole process the next day.”

“Then other times you’ll sit in front of a blank page for 4 hours, give up, and head to the pub. I still find a lot of joy in what I do, and yeah, it does sometimes feel like a bit of a chore at times – but I’d much rather have this chore than any other.”

Scroll down to check out the latest of Chaz’s beautifully succint and relatable cartoons for yourself, and let us know what you think in the comments!


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