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There are two types of people in this world: those who wear the comfortable rubber clog that is the Croc without a shred of shame, and those who vehemently turn up their noses at the prospect.

Whichever side you’re on, there’s no denying that Crocs are having a moment.

Case in point: A new collaboration between the comfy shoe retailer and New York-based streetwear company Alife that includes, among other styles, Crocs with built-in tube socks. Hm.

“The clog is a fashion misfit, which is why I think our collaboration points out that doing something you love is more important than following the latest trends,” Alife founder and creative director Rob Cristofaro said in a press release.

Have a spare $600 floating around? Consider throwing your hard-earned cash at the “Art” Croc from Alife, which features Jibbitz (you know, those little charms people stick on their Crocs) in the shape of New York landmarks. Please, someone put this in the MoMa. 

The “Art” Croc.

Image: courtesy of alife

But it’s the “Sport” Croc from Alife that’s the real stunner. It features an attached tube sock which, as Alife notes in the press release, is “a nod to the socks and sandals style commonly seen throughout many of New York City’s neighborhoods.” 

Our question: Does one wear socks with these? How do the socks stay clean? Are we missing something? If you care about none of that, these beauties can be yours for just $140. 

The “Sport” Croc


But if those are too extreme, there’s also the simple Alife-branded shoe they’ve dubbed the “Classic,” which will be sold for $80. (The original Croc, which is nearly identical, save the trendy streetwear branding, is just $37.99.)

The “Classic” Croc


The shoes will be available online here starting June 14, so you’ve got a couple weeks to save up all your coins. 

Alife isn’t the only brand to hop on the comfy Crocs lifestyle. In 2017, luxury design house Balenciaga debuted platform Crocs on the runway at Paris Fashion Week, and sold them for a cool $850.

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Read more: https://mashable.com/2018/05/31/crocs-with-socks-alife/

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