Netflix would like to remind you that ‘Roseanne’ is not the only working-class family sitcom

Justina Machado, Isabella Gomez, Rita Moreno, and Marcel Ruiz on Netflix's 'One Day At A Time.'
Image: Adam Rose/Netflix

Roseanne may be canceled, but Netflix wants you to fill the void (is it even a void?) with better content immediately. The streaming platform hosts plenty of non-problematic family comedies, starting with One Day at a Time, which it recommended in a tweet indirectly throwing shade at Roseanne.

One Day at a Time was recently renewed for a third season after a critically acclaimed Season 2. Not only does it star a Latinx family, but the show has covered topics like gender norms and sexuality with laudable effort since day one. 

At a minimum, no one on the show has tweeted horribly racist things. And this is a show working well above the minimum.

One Day at a Time is now streaming on Netflix. 

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