Comedian Destroys White Woman Who Called Cops On Black Folks Having A BBQ With 25 Hilarious Memes

Remember the ‘racist’ lady that grabbed everyone’s attention in Oakland, California over a police call? The internet nicknamed her “BBQ Becky” and photoshopped her into black history moments, even Saturday Night Live did a skit about her. This time, comedian Tim Northern from Louisville, Kentucky took her meme to new heights by making a few calls himself.

When Northern first saw the video, his initial reaction was a tinge of anger. “But this goes on all time,” he told Bored Panda. “So I’m almost inured to it.” The man claimed he had similar experiences many times, too.

“‘Casual racism’ is a bigger problem than overt racism,” Tim continued. “It’s not as in your face, [so] it keeps people in their little bubble of denial.”

He was casually sitting in Starbucks when he decided to bring the most popular “BBQ Becky” memes to life. “I just decided to do mundane things to parody the memes that were already out there.” Spending a couple of hours going around Louisville, Tim got pictures taken of him calling the cops over some horrible, horrible things the white folks were up to!

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