30+ Fun Photos Of My Family That I Took To Fight Boredom

My name is Kate Weiland. I’m a happy mother of three kids and the creator behind the delicious (and totally ridiculous) photography food series Our family bites (#ourfamilybites).

I’ve always been a massive supporter of the fine arts and having taught Drama and Dance for many years, I was eager to get into the photography side of things. The forced perspective photography technique has been especially interesting to me – I knew it would be fun to start a series where our family could look back and just have a good laugh. The outfit ideas are endless and I’m eager to create and present new designs.

My latest project involves food and my family, so you can often find me holding up various pieces of grub in front of my camera lens in the attempt to dress my family in unique food outfits. After our sushi picture went viral, I thought ‘well, people don’t totally hate it is – so I’ll raise the steaks (HA!) and continue the project with some other cuisine’. I fully understand that there are some who find the series ‘distasteful’, but I get a surge of energy whenever people talk about my work. As the saying goes; ‘Never let the opinion of others affect your execution’.

In truth, the hardest part of the process is stopping myself from eating the props before finishing the shoot. I’ve gained a few pounds in the process but it’s all worth it because #ourfamilybites has been the best boredom killer.

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