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Husband Hilariously Edits Wifes “Instruction” List for 3-Month-Old Son& It. Is. PRICELESS.

Amidst the monotony that can plague the marriage and parenthood gig, it never hurts to spice things up with a little humor.

One “loving” husband named Jacob did just that when his wife went out of town for a couple nights and left him with a very specific list of instructions for watching their 3-month-old son.

If we’re honest, it can be mildly dangerous to leave dad home with the kids in the first place. From this guy using his baby as a play machine gun to these hysterical dads who proved they needed mommy supervision, it’s no surprise that women can get a little paranoid about what will happen if they don’t leave a mini parenting playbook behind.

But in this case, those “instructions” turned “recommendations” quickly backfired — in the most hilarious way possible.

“King Jacob” edited the strict list of to-dos with a few ideas of his own and posted it to Imgur, AND the results have the Internet in stitches!

Complete with a comical list of ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ and his plans for the recovery day after mommy’s return, it’s kind of the best thing you’ll read all DAY…

Wife made me a list for the two nights she is out of town. We are both first time parents with a 3-month old son.

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