Homeoweners deal with annoying HOA requests in the pettiest way possible

There are a lot of things that Reddit hates: policy changes, tired memes, and most of all, homeowners associations. 

There have been countless threads on complaining about HOAs, and there’s even a whole community dedicated to it called r/fuckHOA

Naturally, Reddit loves a good story about getting revenge on an annoying HOA. When u/kalinkabeek‘s friend was threatened with an HOA fine for not hiding their trash cans, despite never having an issue in the ten years they’ve lived there, they complied by building a fence.

A fence shaped like a middle finger, to be exact. 

u/kalinkabeek’s story inspired other Redditors to share their best HOA stories — because if there’s anything Reddit loves as much as hating HOAs, it’s complaining about HOAs. 

Some shared their best HOA revenge stories.

While others dragged HOA leaders. 

Your move, HOA. 

Read more: https://mashable.com/2018/03/21/hoa-middle-finger-fence-homeowners-association-petty-revenge/

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