‘Let him arrest me’: Trump ex-campaign aide Nunberg says he will refuse Mueller’s subpoena

Former Trump campaign aide Sam Nunberg vowed Monday to refuse a subpoena from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team to appear before a grand jury this week as part of the Russia probe, defiantly claiming: “Let him arrest me.”

“Mr. Mueller should understand I am not going in on Friday,” Nunberg told the Washington Post.

Nunberg told the outlet on Monday that Mueller’s team requested records from him of conversations he had with outgoing White House communications director Hope Hicks, former White House strategist Steve Bannon, Trump attorney Michael Cohen, former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski and adviser Roger Stone. All worked with Nunberg on the campaign.

Sam Nunberg, seen here, vowed to refuse a subpoena from Special Counsel Robert Mueller.


“I’m not spending 80 hours going over my emails with Roger Stone and Steve Bannon and producing them,” Nunberg said. “Donald Trump won this election on his own. He campaigned his ass off. And there is nobody who hates him more than me.”

Nunberg has had a long and colorful history with Trump. He was one of Trump’s earliest political advisers, helping him connect with conservative audiences ahead of his 2016 presidential run.

Nunberg, though, was fired in 2014 after an unflattering piece about Trump ran in BuzzFeed. A communications aide who helped arrange the interview with BuzzFeed to take place, Nunberg was blamed by Trump for the bad press.

Nunberg was rehired for the campaign, but was fired again by Trump in 2015, after past racially-charged Facebook posts surfaced.

Later during the campaign, Trump sued Nunberg for $10 million, accusing him of breaching a confidentiality agreement. The lawsuit was settled later on.

Nunberg was featured in the recent Michael Wolff book “Fire and Fury” and recently sat for a voluntary interview with Mueller.

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