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“Only God Can Heal It”: Kathie Lee Gifford Responds to Matt Lauer Termination With Inspiring TRUTH

Early Wednesday morning, NBC executives announced the termination of Today Show host, Matt Lauer for allegations of sexual misconduct in the workplace. Lauer’s fellow Today Show hosts were informed of the news just moments before going on air.

Delivering the news to viewers, Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb expressed their love and heartbreak for their former co-worker, as well as their heartbreak for the employee who courageously reported the misconduct.

In the fourth hour of Today, Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb opened with a similar monologue, replaying Savannah’s announcement from earlier in the show, and processing their emotions and thoughts live on air.

Kathie Lee, an outspoken Christian hesitated for a moment before vulnerably sharing her heart.

Reflecting on a time in her marriage when her late husband Frank had betrayed her, Kathie Lee stresses the importance of fighting against the urge to question your own judgment.

In both circumstances for Kathie Lee, whether it be with Frank, or now learning the faults of her friend Matt Lauer, she says it’s a matter of holding tight to the love you have always had for that person, and recognizing that we will all fall short of the glory of God.

“No person is perfect in this world, nobody is,” she says. “We’ve all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God, is what scripture says. And what we need now is forgiveness. And we need mercy for one another. And we don’t need taunts, and we don’t need ugliness, we have enough of that in the world.”

She continues, “I send out my love right now to the person who came forward, may God heal that person. I send it to Matt, and his children and his wife, may God bless that family and heal…I’m sorry Hoda, but in my long life, the only thing I’ve ever been sure of is that only God can heal it, and there’s no bad time to reach out for His help.”

After unintentionally offering up a call for salvation, Kathie Lee draws from her own experiences overcoming Frank’s infidelity, to deliver some sound advice that goes far beyond Matt Lauer’s termination.

“We are all so broken, and we need somebody to put us back together, and it’s possible.”

Kathie Lee closes by saying, “I didn’t mean to go to church, but sometimes, you gotta go to church.”

Amen sister.

It’s awesome to see CHURCH and TRUTH in the secular media. Share if you agree!

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