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Adorable, Eye-Less Dog Named Cinderella Gets Her Happily-Ever-After

Internet ads on websites such as Craigslist can seem a bit sketchy at times, but every now and then, they can lead to a match made in Heaven.

Jessica Aliff, a teacher from Connecticut, saw an advertisement for an 11-year-old pug named Cinderella that was in need of a new home. Cinderella was diabetic and had lost the sight in both of her eyes. Unable to care for the pup, Cinderella’s former owner set out to find the dog a new home. Without a second thought, Aliff decided to give Cinderella a much-deserved second chance at life.

Not long after adopting Cinderella, Aliff began to notice just how much agony the dog’s bulging eyes were causing her.

After thinking long and hard, Aliff made the decision to have both of Cinderella’s eyes removed — a decision that ultimately improved the pooch’s life for the better.

Aliff quickly adopted a system for helping guide Cinderella through her daily life.

Aliff also carries Cinderella around in a baby sling to help ensure her safety.

Aliff also uses the command “careful” to notify Cinderella that’s she’s too close to something.

Cinderella didn’t just gain a mother in Aliff, but also brothers and sisters after joining the woman’s three other pugs. The dedicated dog mom’s boyfriend also has three pugs of his own. Look at those cute faces!

According to her adoptive mama, Cinderella has a feisty personality and is full of life, despite the loss of her eyes.

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