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How Did This Suggestive Statue Get Past Quality Control?

I find it hard to believe this was accidental. A thick piece of limp bread, held gingerly in hand, right at wiener-height? A statue commissioned for the Catholic church? What sculptor would look at this without even the slightest of niggling doubts. This isn’t some play dough hastily shaped by a middle schooler. This is a sculpture, one that I imagine takes weeks of loving craftsmanship. The thought that the sculptor did this unintentionally is almost more bizarre. “Where should I chisel out this loaf of bread? Right near his penis? Yes, right near his penis. And I’ll put the child right there, too. Yes. This will look great in a Catholic church.”

And even if this was a rogue sculptor, why didn’t anyone else notice the wiener bread situation? It seems like administrators at a Catholic church should be spending 90% of their time trying to avoid anything that would remind people of sexual abuse. “This bread is the body of Christ. But not like… not any of the naughty bits of Christ. Christ wouldn’t want you to put anything in your mouth without consent. Not that this is anything that would… look, it’s a metaphor for Christ’s love! But not THAT kind of love!”

Hopefully the next statue will be something more innocent, like Saint Mary holding two grapefruits.

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