Uma Thurman breaks silence on Harvey Weinstein, saying #metoo

Actor who worked on seven films with disgraced mogul says she is taking pleasure in his downfall

Uma Thurman has broken her silence on Harvey Weinstein, saying of the ongoing stream of allegations against him: Im glad its going slowly you dont deserve a bullet.

The actor, who worked on seven films with Weinstein including Pulp Fiction and the Kill Bill movies, posted a picture of herself as The Bride from Kill Bill.

In the post, ostensibly about Thanksgiving, she said she was grateful today, to be alive, for all those I love, and for all those who have the courage to stand up for others.

Referring to a video interview from October in which she said she was too angry to discuss the Weinstein scandal, she seemed to confirm she had been a victim of sexual harassment and abuse in Hollywood.

I said I was angry recently, and I have a few reasons, #metoo, in case you couldnt tell by the look on my face.

In words reminiscent of the revenge thriller, in which Thurman played a woman bent on avenging her unborn child and methodically torturing and murdering her abusers, she went on to say she was pleased to witness Weinsteins downfall.

I feel its important to take your time, be fair, be exact, so Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! (Except you Harvey, and all your wicked conspirators Im glad its going slowly you dont deserve a bullet).

The post ended with the words stay tuned, suggesting Thurman plans to reveal more soon.

The statement comes weeks after Thurman was first asked about Weinstein by Access Hollywood. Her rage is obvious in the footage.

I dont have a tidy soundbite for you, because I have learned, I am not a child. And I have learned that when Ive spoken in anger, I usually regret the way I express myself, she said.

So, Ive been waiting to feel less angry, and when Im ready, Ill say what I have to say.

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