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7 Photos And Videos That Prove Vets Are Some Of The Best People On Earth

Veterinarians do so much more than keep our pets healthy.

Outstanding vets aren’t only committed to healing our sick and injured animals, but they educate owners on how to help their buddies live a long and happy life as well. The best also do whatever they can to make their furry patients comfortable — even if it means going above and beyond their job duties. That’s what makes these seven caring (and funny) vets so amazing.

1. All expecting moms need a little support during their ultrasounds.

2. Two-year-old Graycie the pit bull mix was abandoned and later found on the side of a road. After being taken to Granite Hills Animal Care in Elberton, Georgia, she was understandably terrified and unsure about eating. Dr. Andy Mathis comforted Graycie in the sweetest way by eating in her cage with her and feeding her by hand.

3. “Vet sent us this picture of our kitten before he got neutered.” Now this cat parent is laughing rather than worrying!

4. Dr. Ross Henderson enjoys whipping out his guitar and singing for his patients to calm them down before surgery. His voice is so soothing!

6. “Max is having a spa day. I just received this from the vet.”

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