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The Best Two-Sentence Horror Stories Of All Time

If you think you need a full book or movie to tell a scary story, then you’re wrong! Just check out these chilling two-sentence horror stories that are bound to give you goosebumps.

A flash of lightning momentarily illuminates your bedroom, and you see that there are dozens of ravens perched around your bed, staring at you. They’re getting germs all over your things!

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“The new episode of Breaking Bad was great last night,” he said. They hadn’t made a new episode of Breaking Bad in over a year.

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Trembling, you pull back the shower curtain. No, it can’t be: another shower curtain.

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The woman was asked to identify the body for the police. “Yes,” she said, surveying the corpse, “That’s me before I’ve had my coffee in the morning.”

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Offering a truce, he held out his hand, then his other one. Then his other one.

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Mr. and Mrs. Johnson went to the doctor to see why baby Hannah wouldn’t eat. “Why, it’s because your baby is a skeleton,” the doctor said, to which Mr. and Mrs. Johnson replied, “Oh, that explains it.”

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A zombie is riding a hang glider. He’s landed it right next to you now!

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The waiter came and told us the specials. He’s still telling them to this very day.

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Your father takes off his coat, then his hat, then his face?! Hold on, it was just a mask, but now he really does take off his face.

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This morning, I found a $20 iTunes gift card under my pillow with a note that said “Happy Mother’s Day, From Your Son.” I’m barren.

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I’m really glad you came out and saw us. We’re playing here again next week if you want to come.

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For sale: baby shoes, never worn. They were yours, you ghost baby.

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You get a FaceTime call from the number 666. Not picking that one up!

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Do you remember the plot of the movie The Others? That.

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“Great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfather,” I typed into Ancestry.com, as a joke. Only one result found: Lucifer.

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