Why Oral Matters More Than You Think

Even if you have a betchy resting face, having a beautiful smile is still important. Like sure, maybe you tell catcallers to fuck off when they tell you to smile, but that’s only because you spend time perfecting your smile and they’re not worthy of it.

Your teeth are the only exception to the “never wear all white” rule, because when it comes to your smile, you can have a perfect one. Instead of going to drug stores and buying cheap DIY teeth whitening kits, you should do yourself a favor and get a professional in-office teeth whitening from someone that actually knows his shit, Dr. Alex Rubinov.

Dr. Rubinov is a Columbia alumni who works out of the Rosenthal APA group in the UES. He’s not a regular dentist, he’s a cool dentist. We know this because he has an Instagram page where you can see he is living his best life helping people get the best smile.

You wouldn’t let your roots grow out, so why would you let your teeth stay yellow or crooked? Let’s face it, you drink so much iced coffee and wine, there’s no way you don’t need a little help getting your pearly whites up to standards. Whitening your teeth is more practical than laser hair removal because while you’re probably lasering hair away from private areas most people won’t see, your teeth are as public as Central Park on a summer day.

Dr. Rubinov doesn’t only do whitening though, he also offers Invisalign, so you can rest assured your smile is straight as Andy Cohen is gay. He’ll also give you top-of-the-line veneers—but not just any ol’ veneers, porcelain veneers (which will ensure you don’t look like a basic betch) and provide other treatments to make your teeth the best possible version there is. Think of it like dating a guy that brings out the best in you—you want a dentist that makes your smile better, not acts complacent with what you already have. Here’s just one example of a new and improved smile thanks to Dr. Rubinov:

Whether you’re at work negotiating your salary or thirst trapping for a bro at a bar, you gotta keep your oral on point. Obvs we’re talking about your smile, so unless you’re Monica Lewinsky, you can relax your jaw. You’re in good hands with Dr. Rubinov, and he’ll make sure your smile gets the right swipes it deserves on Bumble. After all, studies show that the smile is one of the first things people look at in your profile. So brighten and straighten up your smile with Dr Rubinov. 

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