The Definition Of Hell For Each Myers-Briggs Personality Type

They say that one man’s heaven is another man’s hell and that couldn’t be truer when it comes to the sixteen Myers-Briggs Personality Types. Each one is inspired, enraged and absolutely tortured by something slightly different. Here’s the destiny that would psychologically destroy each Myers-Briggs Personality type.

ESTJ – An incredibly impractical person is put in charge of all of your major life decisions. You have to do whatever they say and are powerless to argue or reason with them.

INFP Your deepest thoughts and feelings are exposed to a large audience and everyone thinks that you’re pathetic and unoriginal.

INTJ Every time you open your mouth to say something intelligent, something entirely idiotic comes out instead.

ESFJ Someone you love is in dire need of practical help and you cant give it to them. Worse yet, they think youre refusing to help them out of pettiness and theyre mad at you.

ESFP You are stuck in a room by yourself for the rest of eternity.

ISTP The Zombie apocalypse happens but youre suddenly the worlds weakest fighter and must depend solely on your loved ones to keep you alive.

ENFP Every minute of the rest of your life has been scheduled for you and its a long series of arbitrary, solitary tasks.

ISFP You have to listen to rude people criticizing your personal choices, your appearance and your art form all day long. Nobody cares that theyre hurting your feelings.

ENFJ Your loved ones are in dire need of guidance but every piece of advice you gives them inadvertently makes things worse for them.

ISFJ Everyone you love is yelling at each other and its all your fault.

ISTJ You are expected to complete a highly esteemed project with absolutely no guidance as to whats expected of you.

INFJ You are eternally damned to working for a morally corrupt company that aims to exploit the weak and generally degrade conditions for all of society.

ESTP You are completely paralyzed, lacking even the ability to speak.

ENTP Freedom of speech is revoked from the constitution. Voicing your opinion in any way is now illegal.

INTP You are eternally condemned to researching an extremely vapid topic using wildly inaccurate methods, mostly involving interviewing people who have no idea what theyre talking about.

ENTJ Somebody is wrong, and theyre directing a large group of people! You cant do anything about it and will have to obey whatever inefficient policies they decide to implement.

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