The Strongest Girls Are The Girls With Anxiety


She’s strong, because she’s in a constant battle with her anxiety. It’s telling her that she’s weak. That she shouldn’t speak up. That she shouldn’t get out of bed.

Some days, she listens to everythingthat voice tells her. Butotherdays, she finds the power to ignore it. She finds the strengthto leave her room. To socialize. To smile.

She’s strong, because she shows up, even when she’s shaking. She speaks, even whenit’s with a cracked voice. She keeps breathing, even whenthose breaths are shaky.

It would be easyfor her to cancel plans with her friends, turn down dates, skip class, call in sick from work — and sometimes, she does. Sometimes,the idea of being around people is too much for her to handle.

But most of the time, she does what she has to do. She switchesoff her alarm. She showers. She dresses. And then she gets shit done.

Of course, she gets distracted throughout the day. The tiniest thing can send her mind spinning. A text from someone she didn’t expect to hear from. An email she isn’t quite sure how to answer. A strange look from one of her coworkers or crushes.

She suffers from constant self-consciousness, but she pushes past it. She ignores the way she thinks everyone is looking at her, judging her, and she forces herself to beproductive. She forces herself to focus on what’s important.

She refuses to let anxiety control her life. She won’t let her dark thoughts eclipse the positive ones. She’s motivated to be the best person she can be.

At times, her anxiety makes her feel weak. Lesser. Like she doesn’t deserve to be in the same room as people that can talk to strangers as if they’ve known each other for years.

But even though she feels inferior, that’s far from the truth. She’s a warrior. A badass. Why can’t she seethat?

She tries so hard. She puts in so much effort. And she’s gotten so far.

Some people rarely ventureoutside of theircomfort zone — but she’s outside of her comfort zone . She’s either worried about what to say or what to wear or where to park. She’s never relaxed. She’s always on edge.

That’s why she’s always learning. Always growing. Every second of every day.

Sure, there are timeswhen she suffers from setbacks. When she doesn’t say a single word for hours.When she stays in her pajamas and puts off showering.

But there are other timeswhen she finds the courage to speak her mind. When she surprises herself with how brave she can be.

She probably doesn’t realize it yet, but girls with anxiety arethe strongest girls in the world, because theynever have a minute of peace. Because they’realways struggling — and they’realways winning.

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