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Making Waves: The Biggest Winner Of NY Fashion Week Was This Shirt That Looks Dressy Enough For A Nice Dinner But Casual Enough For Just Hanging With Buds

The fashion world is abuzz over a groundbreaking new design that critics have unanimously lauded as the biggest winner of New York mens fashion week: a shirt that looks dressy enough for a nice dinner but casual enough for just hanging with buds.

Wow! Talk about versatility!

From the collection of French designer Maurice Bernard, this solid button-down is appropriate to don at your nieces communion, but not so fancy that your friends will call you Mr. Big Shot for wearing it out to a bar. Ever since its debut at New York mens fashion week, bloggers cant stop talking about how the shirt is formal enough that it wouldnt hurt your chances if you wore it to a job interview, while at the same time being low-key to the point that you can spill ketchup on it and it wouldnt be that big of a deal.

This is what mens fashion is all about!

Whats got style experts raving more than anything else is the fact that the shirt is blue, which is the perfect color for not being too flashy to wear at a somber occasion like a funeral, nor too bland for a more festive event such as a backyard BBQ. This bold new design just may signal an end to the days when men had to have a bunch of shirts for going to their wifes work Christmas party and a bunch of different shirts for hitting up the chowder spot with the fellas.

Its still too soon to tell when this stunning do-it-all shirt will leave the runway and hit the store shelves, but one things for sure: We cant wait to get our hands on it!

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