James Bond film confirmed for 2019 but no word on who will play 007

New York Times have quoted anonymous sources saying Daniel Craig will reprise his role, but neither lead actor nor director have been confirmed

He is the original international man of mystery so perhaps it is not surprising that there is still a cloak of secrecy over who will take on the mantle of James Bond in the secret agents next outing.

Film company Eon Productions, which produces Bond movies, and Metro Goldwyn Mayer, which owns the rights to the long-running franchise, said on Tuesday that the latest instalment would be released in November 2019.

But whether Daniel Craig will be saving the world in the title role has yet to be confirmed.

The New York Times quoted two anonymous sources as saying the actor, who has appeared as 007 in four films, would be returning in what will be the 25th outing featuring the secret agent.

Eon and MGM did not confirm the cast or who will oversee the action it is rumoured that Christopher Nolan is in line for the directors chair but the New York Times quote two unidentified sources as saying Craigs return is a done deal.

Speculation has swirled around whether he would continue in the role and who could take on the mantle if he was to step aside.

Now 49, Craig had said at a event to promote his last outing, Spectre, that starring in the film was a gruelling experience and he would not do so again. In later interviews, he backtracked and stated he would consider another stint in the role.

The announcement that the film would be out next year included the news that the screenplay will be written by Neil Purvis and Robert Wade. They penned Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace, Skyfall and Spectre instalments that, along with Craigs performances, critics say have breathed new life in to the franchise.

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