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Apple Music executive Bozoma Saint John could be leaving Apple

WWDC is right around the corner, but lets talk about last years WWDC for a minute. You may remember that Bozoma Saint John blew everyone away with her insanely good presentation skills. According to a new report from Axios, the Apple executive could be planning to leave the company really soon.

Saint John was the head of global consumer marketing for Apple Music. Last year, the company unveiled a complete redesign of the music streaming service. And thats why Saint John took the stage to demo the new user interface.

While Apples leadership page is mostly white and male, Saint John was a great example of a charismatic female leader on the WWDC stage that day. The tech industry needs more role models like her. Business Insider even wrote a profile about her shortly after the conference.

Saint John joined Beats just a few months before Apple acquired Beats. She then stayed at Apple, flying back and forth between Los Angeles and Cupertino to work on Apple Musics marketing.

Its still unclear why Saint John could be leaving Apple and where shes going to work. Im sure well hear more about her next professional move on Twitter.

Read more: https://techcrunch.com/2017/06/03/apple-music-executive-bozoma-saint-john-could-be-leaving-apple/

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