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Twitter adds Direct Message request review inbox feature

Twitter will now allow you to review Direct Messages received from people who you dont follow before responding to them in a consolidated inbox, adopting a feature that Facebook has long used for its own messaging feature and app. The new DM review inbox function works for anyone whos turned on the setting that allows receipt of messages from people they dont follow, and will let you choose to either Delete or Accept inbound messages.

Those sending the messages wont be able to see if youve viewed them or not until you choose the Accept option, and even if you delete a message that wont stop that user from messaging you again in the future (thats what block is for). You also wont be able to see media sent from people you dont follow until you choose the Accept option, which is a good way to help prevent nasty image or video surprises. You can opt to reveal the media prior to accepting the message, too, giving you one more level of mediation.

New conversations from people you dont follow will be flagged as Requests in the new inbox in the Messages tab in Twitter on iOS, Android today, and on Twitter.com soon, and that includes new group conversations youre included on. Its a smart way to encourage people to open up DMs and keep DMs open, while also giving them a measure of protection against unwanted communication, including potential abuse.

You may have already seen this feature as its been rolling out gradually, but if not take a peek since it should be available soon on mobile apps.

Read more: https://techcrunch.com/2017/05/30/twitter-adds-direct-message-request-review-feature/

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