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OSVehicle comes out of stealth with a modular self-driving car called EDIT

OSVehicle is a B2B Self-Driving vehicle startup, backed by Y Combinator, which creates what they call white-label solutions for auto fleets owners.

Dubbed EDIT this claims to be the first ready-to-use Self-Driving EV which is modular, open to different designs and white-labelled, in that it can be branded with any car marque.

Emerging out of stealth mode after a year in development, the idea is that auto companies can customize EDITs specifications. That means you could tinker with any variant, drawing on self-Driving hardware, a connected car, the code, the vehicle range, the look. The advantage being that ts faster to market (half the time in fact) and with lower investments (around one sixth the cost).

This white-label, self-driving Vehicle as a Service means companies could quickly create models tailored for each service and country. In other words, its taking advantage of the move towards food delivery, ride and car sharing, which means vehicles would tailored to the application, not the car brand.

Read more: https://techcrunch.com/2017/05/17/osvehicle-comes-out-of-stealth-with-a-modular-self-driving-car-called-edit/

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