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Instagram Model’s Fake Pregnancy Claims Were SO Pathetic, Drake Took Pity And Avoided Legal Action!

All week we’ve been reporting on the interesting case of Layla Lace, an Instagram model who posted alleging that Drake had knocked her up and then ghosted her.

The entire thing turned out to be false, though, and Lace quickly went private on IG after scrubbing all the posts and getting called out by everybody.

That’s kinda sad… especially to do something like fake a pregnancy just to get attention!

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But what may end up being even more pathetic is the aftermath: according to TMZ, Drake’s team is taking pity on Lace’s ridiculous bid for attention, and they aren’t going after her in any legal way for the ridiculous lies she blasted out.

Rumors had been circling that Drake’s team threatened her with a lawsuit unless she removed the posts, and all these other legal rumblings, but well-connected sources now say that not only has Drizzy never met her, his team has never even been in contact.

They basically believe what we all have come to know: she just did it for attention, and it was such a pitiful attempt, well, here we are now.

Not a great look, Layla Lace. Not a great look at all.

What is life?!

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