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SpaceXs second Hyperloop pod competition will focus on top speed

SpaceX is hosting its second Hyperloop Pod Competition this August, during the weekend spanning the 25th through the 27th. Participants will include those who successfully tested their pods during the first competition in January, as well as some who werent able to compete during that trial either due to time constraints or designs that didnt quite meet SpaceXs requirements.

The competitors are not directly affiliated with SpaceX they include 27 teams selected from a larger group,mostly made up of research teams from some of the best colleges and universities from the U.S. and around the world. The first time around, the competitors were focused on a variety of criteria, but this time, theres just one metric that matters: max speed.

Thats the kind of heart-pounding thrill ride were looking for out of Hyperloop on top of safety of course. Safety first. And then second, F9: Fast and Furious and Hyperloop, the next instalment in theblockbuster film franchise. The family faces its biggest challenge yet in a low atmosphere contained tube environment.

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